Saturday, July 14, 2012

1 month old!!!

Our sweet baby girl is ONE month old!!

This seemed like the longest and shortest month all at the same time!  We've had such a great time getting to know Addie Mae!

She had her first holiday and mall trip all in one!  Our 4th of July was much different than the previous years - we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then one really quick lap around the mall - little miss was getting fussy!

We *think* we have figured out her tummy issues.. she's now on Nutramigen formula (which cost more per month an all of our utilities combined.. awesome) & a reflux medicine.  So far so good with the combo and we have a much happier baby girl!  She still throws up SO much - but she could just be a happy spitter?  It doesn't seem to bother her.  I'll be glad when her insides figure out what to do with the food and she can keep an entire meal down!  .. I'll be doing much less laundry then.

We started the Moms on Call program and have had 3 out of 4 nights of really good sleep!  Almost 6 hour stretches make me a super happy mommy!  She seems to like the schedule as she isn't as fussy - but that could be from the formula!  We do bath time every night at 8:30 and dinner at 9 and then right to bed - the routine has really helped me plan out my nights too!

She weighed 9 3/4 pounds when I took her to the doctor on Monday - little chunker!!!

She smiled a few times when I was holding her earlier this week.. but I don't think she meant to or knows that she did!  It hasn't happened since - but I hope it does soon!  She had the sweetest smile!

I'm reading about the 6 week growth spurt - she's in her 6th week now... gah I hope it isn't awful!  I'm just now getting used to her being a happy baby!!!

.. & we have 6 week shots on Friday..  mercy!

Addie Mae enjoys her swing (for short amounts of time).. her pacifier!... the songs that daddy makes up for her.. and snuggle time on the couch!

& a weight update!  I gained 33 lbs while pregnant - I've got 10 more to go!  I feel like I've been at at the 10 lb mark for 2 weeks now!  I haven't done one single thing work out wise.. hopefully soon I can get in the gym!  Or.. get baby girl out for a jog!  I would love to be about 5-10 lbs below my pre-baby weight.. we'll see.

Thank you all SO SO much for the sweet comments on my last post!!!!  You made me feel so much better!!!

We LOVE the face that Addie Mae is making below!  She does her little lips like a fish!  She just to make it so many times a day - now we hardly ever see her do it.

Her 1st day at dad's warehouse!  She did great and I was able to get some work done too!



  1. Oh, Tami! Bless yall's hearts. Addie Mae is just like my first son, Ty. We went through all the same things. Hang in there....Nutramigen+reflux medicine will work! I felt the same emotions your going through about having to quit breast feeding, please remember you are doing what's best for your little girl and that makes you a great mom! It's incredibly hard when you get a "difficult" baby on top of your "normal" life being completely turned upside down. Everything your feeling is normal and I can tell you are a rockstar mom. If you ever need to vent to someone who totaally understands, please feel free to contact me.
    PS thanks for your sweet comments about Dylan. I'm so glad you commented so I could find your blog and keep up with your adorable little one.
    Beth Bowman

  2. What is the mommas on call program? Is it having family members helping out? Would love to hear more about it. My little one was never a good sleeper and I swear if we do have a second baby we really need to find a good sleep solution.
    Addie Mae is getting so big! Love it and so precious.
    Don't worry about the weight. It truly does come off. I gained 29 and within in 3 months it was all off. It is normal to hit a spot where you feel it doesn't budge. I was pregnant at the same time with 4 other friends and my friends that had their babies 4 months before mine all had the same issue. So you are def not alone.
    I hope you have a great week with your sweet baby girl!

  3. She is way too cute! She is getting so big and looks completely different. Be super glad that Addie at least likes your schedule and does it, Grace would have nothing to do with a schedule.. Even when I matched it with her natural one. I think we are in for a stubborn child. Awesome!!
    Happy one month Addie!

    Ps where did you get that orange scarf?! Love it!!