Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moving day!

Moving day!!!

Well, packing day!  I've spent my week trying to get the house ready for our move tomorrow.  Trying to move with a newborn has been a mess!  It would be a little easier if we were moving everything to one location - but since we've yet to find a new house - we are moving half to storage and half to Brent's moms house..  She has an over the garage apartment that we will stay in until we buy another house.

We feel like we rushed in picking this one and want to take our time on the next house!  But not too much time!  I love my inlaws.. but being roommates will be stressful at times, I'm sure.

I'm really sad about moving!  I LOVE this house - I have since the first day I saw it!  I'll miss the location and being so close to certain things.. but I know I'll love our new location even more as we plan to move to Franklin which has our staples.. Costco, Chuy's.. etc!

More than anything it makes me sad that I spent so much time on Addie Mae's room, just to pack it all up.  She won't have a room at the apartment :(  I'm still bringing my glider and her crib - but it makes me sad that she'll spent 3-5 months without having her own space.

I need to suck it up!  In the long run this will be better for us and its what we've talked about for months and months.  

Say a prayer for me today!  This has been HELL so far this week and I hope today goes smoothly!  
Addie Mae must be going through that 6 weeks growth spurt because she has been ULTRA fussy, hungry, and wants to be held for most of the day.



  1. Good luck with moving!!! You will find a place in no time!!

  2. Hope that 6 week growth spurt isn't too bad! Grace's was all at night! Sheesh! Just think that Addie won't remember this move or that she didn't has her own space yet.. Shell be good as long as mommy & daddy are happy, right?!
    <3 Sam

  3. Thinking about you today! Moving is exhausting!!

  4. Good luck w/ your move. Your house is adorable and I am sure so many wonderful memories where held there. On the bright side new memories await to you all of you!
    We make our move in 2 weeks to Austin. I'm so excited to raise Elle there.
    Hang in there with the growth spurt. I bet by Sunday Addie Mae will be doing a lot better.

  5. hope the move goes as smoothly as possible! the house looks beautiful! :)