Thursday, August 9, 2012

Addie Mae: 2 months!

Here are your stats this month:

Weight: 12.4 pounds

Length: last time we were at the doctor you were 22in.

Sizes: You've outgrown size 1 Pampers Swaddlers!  We are now in size 2 which are a little big - but I'd rather that than the size 1 thongs :)

Milestones: You look around like crazy!!  You love to be up on my shoulder and just search the world around you.  You give some smiles lately - at first I had to really work them out of you - but lately you seem to smile when you look at me all on your own!  You are still obsessed with your bright stuffed toys!  They distract you long enough for mom to brush her teeth!

Eating: You live to eat, really.  We were giving you 3.5 oz at each feeding and you cried and cried!!  Finally I asked the doctor and she basically told me I was starving you... now we give you 4.5 oz 7 times a day and you seem to be MUCH happier!!!  You are getting so big and I'm loving your sweet rolls!!  I always wanted a fat baby!!  You've got the rest of your life to worry about weight - let's just have fun for now!  We've still got you on Tagamet for your reflux issues.. it seemed to be working great along with the "liquid gold" Nutramigen - but the past 3 days you've not been interested in the bottle and have cried nonstop!  I'm hoping that you'll feel better soon and we won't have to switch medicines.

{we sold our house!! This is us before heading to our closing!!}

Schedule: We have been following the Moms on Call schedule and LOVE IT!  Your day begins at 6am with a bottle.  You stay awake for a little while and then go back down for a nap.  You eat again at 9a, noon, 3p.  You nap in-between with no longer than 2 hour nap.  Nightime begins at 6p with a bottle and a little nap.  Bathtime is at 8:30p with another bottle at 9 - then you are down for the night.  We would like you to sleep until 3a - but you usually only make it until 2-2:30a.  Then back up at 6a!  We have been so impressed with how well this schedule works!
Sometimes its a struggle to give you a bottle when we are out because I want to follow the suggested schedule to a T!!  So, I've had to leave a store before to give you your noon bottle RIGHT AT NOON!  I'm a freak - but it works for you!!

{this is your favorite position!  You love to look over dad's shoulder}

Sleep: You are so far doing great with sleeping!!  at 7 weeks we moved you into your own "room". So far it is going really really well!  I honestly think you sleep better in there!  I check your monitor every hour or so to make sure you are ok! Up until now you slept upright in your bouncy seat - now we have you sleeping on your back and you seem to love it.

Dislikes: you are grumpy most of the day.. either your reflux really really bothers you.. or you just like to be extra needy!! You dislike any moment of sitting still on your own.  You must be rocked, walked, bounced and shook every waking moment of your day. Either way - I'm just so happy to have you, I can deal with a little fuss pot!  My doctor advised against using the gas drops - but after talking with some friends I decided to use them anyway.  So far they seem to take the edge off your moods.  You 100% hate your swing.. how is that possible?!

{you love bath time .. we think!  You don't cry so we guess you like it!  You just sit there like a little happy frog!}

Likes:  You love bath time!!  Dad and I do it together each night and so far you seem to really enjoy it.  Dad does your hair and he loves feeling like he got it all nice and clean!!  You like any bright colored toys, being swaddled, and looking around outside.  You love to sit up on our shoulder so you can see whats going on around you.  You also LOVE mom!!  I shamelessly love how I can tell that your entire mood changes when you see me!  Sometimes you'll be in the middle of a huge meltdown and out of nowhere smile at me.  I tear up every single time.

Some items we couldn't live without:  SwaddleMe swaddle blankets, Born Free bottles, Nutramigen, Adult Sound Machine, 4Moms Bathtub, Moms on Call book, AMAZON... your dad and I make an order just about every day, Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, WHITE WINE.

{you and I in the car about to have a bottle!}

How I'm doing:  Depends on the day... today has been really really tough.  Sweet baby has cried every second that she's been awake.  But - most days I'm doing good!  The brat in me is sad that we don't have our own house right now.. that Addie Mae has to sleep in a closet and that I can't ever seem to get in a good solid routine because I'm always out running around looking for houses.  I try hard to see the positives and that this isn't forever - but we haven't found a house yet and since we are looking at new construction.. it could be months before one is ready to move in.  I feel like me being anxious and feeling super displaced is taking away from my joy with Addie Mae.  

I need to just put a smile on and enjoy every second!

 I 100% LIVE for this sweet baby girl!! 


  1. We use pamper swaddlers also and when we move M up to the next size pampers is always huge on her. For some reason the same size in huggies runs a little smaller than pampers. So, when we move M up to the next size we use huggies for a little while and then over to pampers. Huggies works for us only when we move her to the next size. Make sense?

  2. she's so beautiful! and I couldn't agree more about the white wine, I'm right there with you!

  3. What a sweetie pie. I can;'t believe Addie is already 2 months. I hope today is going better for you:)
    I thought once Elle turned 3 months it all started getting easier. Good luck with the house search. We just moved into our new home last week. Moving and unpacking are not fun but once you are settled its totally worth it!

  4. She is gorgeous! You are so blessed you got a child who likes schedules! Mine is completely opposite so I just go by her lead.
    <3 love reading her updates!!