Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy girl!!!

Hi friends!!!

Sweet Addie Mae is doing SO much better!!!

Last Friday I took her to the doctor because she had been screaming nonstop all week.  After a full exam my super sweet doctor told me to stop "trying to fix her" and that she was 100% healthy!!  She said I basically had a "fussy infant" and to let her cry a little.

Wow.. I mean - I think we all knew that was the case - but I guess it made me feel better to know she wasn't sick!
My doctor did give us the go ahead to start cereal in AM's bottle.  We started that last Saturday and *so far* since then we haven't had any major meltdowns!  I think she just never felt full and now the cereal is helping with that.  Hooray!!!  We also increased her refulx medicine dose since she's gained weight.

We've been super busy out looking for a new house!  Fingers crossed that we can decide on one this weekend!  We spent this entire week bidding on house that we 100% love - but was just a tad over what we wanted to spend.. we tried our best to get the builder to take what we wanted to pay - came close.. but not close enough!  Now on to the next.  There are 2 other houses that we really love - so hopefully we can pick one soon!

We've had a great week since baby girl has been feeling better!  First day in her swimsuit was SO much fun - ADORABLE!!!

Today was baby girl's 10 week shots!  All smiles before hand... afterwards.. NOT SO MUCH!!  
Baby girl SCREAMEDDDDDDD and screamed.

Bless her heart!!  She's finally sleeping now.. I feel so bad for her!

I cannot get enough of this sweet face!!!!  Never in my life would I have imagined I could love someone so much!  She is my entire world!!!



  1. Sorry about the shots!! That was when Grace had her first major meltdown, poor babies!! She is getting big and is gorgeous!!!

  2. so glad she's feeling better - that last picture is just TOO sweet! such a sweet happy smile! :)

  3. Oh my gosh that baby is adorable! So glad I found a new blog to follow! Can't wait to follow along :) hope having a good day!

  4. She's sooo cute! So glad I found a new blog! :) can't wait to follow along!!!