Thursday, September 13, 2012

Addie Mae is 3 months!!

Addie Mae is 3 months old!!  I liked saying "10 weeks" or "___ weeks" - but now I think I have to use the term "months".  Sad.  I have a 3 month old baby!!!!

This month has been wonderful!  I think we are all finally figuring each other out and things are going great!

Here are your stats this month:

Weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces

Length: not sure.. long!  She wears 6-12 month socks!

Sizes: You are still in size 2 diapers - and hopefully you stay there for a bit.  I just bought a box of 248! You have grown out of all newborn and 0-3 month clothes!  Even some of your 6 month outfits are snug on you!  This all makes me super sad - I hate putting away your sweet little outfits! 
I'm super picky about what you wear.. imagine that.  I don't really like you in any really bright colors - pale pinks and whites are my favorites on you!  Which isn't shocking - I'm not crazy about color anyway - I would love to be but usually end up playing it safe with whites or greys!  BORING.

Milestones: You still love to search the room from the top of my shoulder and I can tell that you are really trying to learn as much as you can.  I swear that you laughed once the other day and I hope to hear more in the coming weeks!  

Eating: You are still on "liquid gold" Nutramigen formula.  You have 4 (5.5 oz) bottles during the day  and 1 (7 oz) bottle at bedtime.  You still spit up a lot - it really depends on the day.  We were doing the cereal up until last week.  We think you got a cold and were having a lot of liquid #2's.. so we were told to put you on Pedialite for 24 hours and no cereal.  I thought I would try the next few days with no cereal and so far you don't seem to miss it.  You have been going #2 way more so I'm wondering if that cereal didn't have you a little blocked?  Maybe giving you a stomach ache?  Who knows.
I'm SO ready to get you off of the Nutramigen!  It seems to be working for your reflux but I'm not sure that you need it any longer.  Maybe your little insides are ready for a regular kind of formula?  We are going to the doctor today to discuss your cold - so I plan to talk about trying a new formula.  Nutramigen is just SO SO SO expensive.  If you don't really need it.. I'd rather spend that money on dresses for you!
Schedule: We are still following the Moms on Call schedule.  You are now on the 8-16 week schedule and seem to be doing great.  We took the swaddle away about 2 weeks ago and so far its been going great!  You had a rough 2-4 nights but have since settled in.  We finally found a paci that you will take - and without it I'm not sure you could sleep without the swaddle.  I have to get up about 3 times a night to give you the paci but you are basically sleeping from 7:40p until 7:00a when I wake you.  I change you several times during the night since you got a horrible diaper rash this week.  It made me cry and I'm sure caused you some pain.  Now I check you all during the night and even manage to change you without you really waking up.  You have a bottle at 7a, 10:30a, 1:30p, 4:30p & 7:30p.  
Sleep: Doing SO good with sleep!  Naps are more work now that I don't swaddle you - but you seem to do pretty well with the naps that you do take.

Dislikes: This month we haven't had much that stands out as a true dislike..  You certainly don't like when bath time is over.  The second we pull you out of the tub you cry!  We rush as fast as we can to dry your head and get you in your nightgown but it is never fast enough!  Once I get the bottle in your mouth you seem to calm right down.  

Likes:  You still love bath time!  You haven't yet smiled in the bath - but you've never cried either.  You sit there and are SO calm!  It is one of our favorite times of the day!

You still love the song your dad made up for you "Bumble Bee".  You love a few toys and will stare at them for 20 - 30 minutes!

You still LOVE to look at Grandma Jan's fish pond.  If you are having any sort of meltdown I take you out there and you immediately calm down.  I'm not sure what we will do when we move and don't have the fish pond!

And, of course you are still obsessed with your cat mat.  I get about 30 minutes a day with you laying on it happy as can be!!  

Some items we couldn't live without: wine... Pampers Swaddlers Blankets.. Halo Sleep Sacks.. MAM pacifiers!!!!, a working washer & dryer!... burp cloths.. the cat activity mat.. my Britax stroller, it makes taking you out a breeze!

How I'm doing:  SO good!!!  We found a house in Westhaven (a neighborhood in Franklin) and close the end of this month!!  I'm so excited to get Addie Mae back into her own room with all of her sweet belongings!  She's never slept in her crib - and I can't wait for that night!!!  Brent and I are doing so great as well!!  I feel like I have a ton of support as far as cleaning and getting bottles ready, etc.  It really helps!

This month my mom & dad came to visit and see Addie Mae.  We had such a great visit and they couldn't believe how much she'd grown in just 10 weeks!!!

Tomorrow we leave for Jacksonville to see Brent's grandfather!  He's 92 and Addie Mae is his first great-grand child!  I can't wait for him to meet her!

{ heading out to our last weekend house hunting!  We FINALLY found something and our offer was accepted!!  We close on a house in Westhaven the end of this month!!  I'm estatic!!! }

{ First Titans game of the season!!  
We didn't bring Addie Mae but we got her all dressed up for Brunch!  }


  1. Soooo excited to see this blog post!!!! And what a precious lil princess!!!! Glad to here babe and momma and daddy are all doing super!!!

  2. Oh, she's just precious and you look GREAT!! MAM pacifiers have been our LIFESAVERS...Cam will not take any other pacifier and those stay so well in his mouth - although I have to go in a few times a night, as well, to put it back in.

    I love seeing how much she is growing and how similar she is to Cam! We just started putting him in daycare and his schedule is all off whack :( It's our first week there, so hopefully he will settle back into his schedule soon. Does AM eat a TON first thing in the morning? That is always Cameron's biggest bottle - usually 7 oz!!

    Thanks for the update!! And I totally agree about the formula...soooooo expensive - I would so much rather buy cute outfits ;)


  3. Three months already?! Times flies! Such a cutie too. Congratulations on the new house as well!

  4. I can't believe she is three months!! Shes only a month behind Grace! Wow. She's getting so big! She's going to get way exciting next month.
    Ps where did you get that fabulous yellow chair she's sitting in?

  5. What a great update and congrats on the new home!

  6. Aww well at least she is a beautiful, healthy 3 month old!! Just found your blog and love it :) New follower here. We are expecting a baby girl early November and I'm documenting my pregnancy on my blog :) By the way, I absolutely LOVE the photo of your home that I believe you just moved out of. Beautiful!


  7. I love watching little Addie Mae grow and learning all about her. Motherhood looks beautiful on you : ) xoxoxoxo - Molliewood