Sunday, October 14, 2012

Addie Mae: 4 months old

Dear Addie Mae, I say this every day that passes - I cannot believe you are growing so fast!  You are already 4 months old and you act even older!  You are not content with being a "baby"!  We can tell that you want to be a big busy girl.  You look around like crazy and I think you are really taking it all in and trying to learn.  Slow down sweet girl - be a baby for me :)

You've had such a big month this month!!  Grandpa Jeff came to see you from Georgia and you guys had the best time!!  He found all sorts of new ways to make you laugh.  Aunt Kristin came to see you twice all the way from California!!!  She is my absolute favorite person and I know you will adore her too one day!  This month we moved from Grandma Jan's house and into our new house!!!  You've moved 3 times since you were born just 17 weeks ago - busy girl... BUSY mom.  You had several dinners out this month too - we are comfortable taking you anywhere now that we can quickly determine what you need.  I swear - Moms on Call has made our lives SO much better in that regard.  You have a schedule that you seem to like and we just plan our day around that - happy baby = happy family!  

Here are your stats this month:

Weight: 2 weeks ago you were 14 pounds 11 ounces!

Length: not sure

Sizes: You are still in size 2 diapers and I hope you stay there considering we just bought another 300 count box!  You are pretty much out of all 0-3 months clothes.  You wear 6 month footed sleep outfits. You could still get a lot of wear out of some of your things - but its cold out now!  Summer rompers just won't work any longer.  I've slowed down on buying clothes for you since you outgrow them so fast.

Milestones: You've learned so many new things this month!!!  You now hold toys - and I think you realize you are doing it!  You quickly put whatever you can into your mouth.  Laughing is something we work very hard to get you to do!  We've gotten several deep giggles out of you and I love hearing them!  You smile so much now and even smile at strangers!  I'm not sure if this is a positive milestone.. but you are one smart little girl!  You have learned that if you scream and squeal enough I will rush and pick you up.  That was sweet the first 6 times but now you demand it!  I've got to be careful not to spoil you Miss Mae!!

You finally sleep in your own crib and not the pack-n-play!  We are all moved into our new house and you've settled in pretty well!  You throw your legs all over and I'm always worried you will break one of your sweet bones!  So far we haven't had any issues.  Sometimes you bump your head and wake up super angry - you usually work that out on your own.

Eating: You are still eating the Nutramigen and it seems to be doing the job.  We had a few weeks of you throwing up after every meal and it was enough to fill a small cup.  Come to find out.. we were warming your formula (because you demanded it) and that was making you sick.  Now you enjoy room temperature formula and have adjusted pretty well.  You take between 4.5 -6 ounces 5 times a day.  You still eat at 7a/10:30a/1:30p/4:30p & 7:20p.
Dad & I were excited to let you try rice cereal last weekend!!  You..not so much!  You didn't exactly make pretty faces when I put the spoon in your mouth.  I haven't tried since - and I'm not sure when I will again.  I would like to wait until 5-5 1/2 months.. we'll see!

Schedule: We are still following the 8-16 week Moms on Call schedule.  We will move you up to the next schedule once you start eating solids.  We are still so so thankful that you sleep for us!  You go down for the night at 7:45p and I wake you at 7am. You still do really well sleeping but wake when you go #2.  I go in twice a night to change you and you hardly even know I'm there.

{ This rocker was given to you by Grandpa Don - it was 1st Aunt Kristin's chair - and then your dad's chair.  Now its all yours! }

Dislikes: You don't like being put down one bit!  Even laying you down to change your diaper gets you angry.  You love your cat mat - but get annoyed with it super quickly.  I don't even get 10 minutes out of it anymore.  Sometimes you get so upset with a toy that I have to take you outside for a little walk!  I hope you don't hold grudges like mom does - it isn't a good quality.  You HATE when the bottle is over.  No matter how many ounces I give you - every single time you cry when its all gone.  I hate that for you because I would love for you to feel full and happy after a meal.  We tried some new wipes last week and goodness! they did not agree with that little bottom of yours!  You got the worst rash and I felt awful!  Back to the pampers sensitive wipes!

Likes:  You still love bath time!  You smiled at me 3 times in the tub the other night - that is a first!!  You still love your cat mat in small doses.  Walks seem to make you really happy and you finally like your swing!!  I'm so thankful about this - it gives me a chance to do chores!

You still love the song your dad made up for you "Bumble Bee" and pretty much any other little jingle that he creates.  It is the sweetest!

{ You & Aunt Kristin }

Some items we couldn't live without: not much new from last month.. wine... Pampers Swaddlers.. Halo Sleep Sacks.. MAM pacifiers!!!!, a working washer & dryer!... burp cloths.. the swing.. my Britax stroller, it makes taking you out a breeze... tons of blankets to keep you warm on these colder days.

How I'm doing:  Wonderful!!!  I try to spend every second that I can with Addie - which I know may not be healthy.  I just really want to soak up every ounce of her and not miss a second.  I've been working with Brent 3 days a week and I bring her with me - so that has been a nice break from being home... and when I'm working I am not at Target buying stuff :)  Win Win!

We got all moved into our new house in Franklin - and I AM SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!  We love every single thing about it and can't quit saying how happy and blessed we are!


  1. Wow four months already! Sheesh! Love seeing these updates. Shes such a beautiful little love bug!

  2. Ah!! 4 months!! It is CRAZY how fast timing is flying...

    It made me laugh when you wrote that you have slowed down on buying clothes - ME TOO!! Everyone told me not to buy too many clothes, but how can you not? Now, we buy just a little here and there, and comfort is over cuteness for now. Haha, you won't believe how many "outfits" I tried to get on Cam that just ended in meltdowns!

    We tried to spoon feed Cam rice cereal on Saturday and that was that for awhile...I think we may wait until close to 6 months, too. How is AM doing with filling up on just formula? We tried to put rice cereal in his bottle, but it was too thick and I didn't have time to make the nipple better. I DID look for milk and didn't see it listed on the ingredients, so hopefully he does ok once we DO start.

    CONGRATS on getting settled!!! There's no better feeling, I'm sure!! We live with my mom (we have our own "apartment" downstairs, but still...), and we can't wait to get our own house.

    Shew! Longest comment ever...hope you're doing well!!


  3. I know I've said this before, but I just LOVE your sweet daddy! That photo of the three of you melts my heart. Please frame it and put it in your brand new house. :)

  4. I am nominating you for a Liebster award. Be watching for my post tonight or tomorrow!