Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I haven't done a very good job at keeping up with this blog thing!  I really only do it to update with Addie Mae's monthly stats - but since I write it in her 1st year book - it just doesn't make much sense to do it twice!  I Instagram pictures ALL. DAY. LONG!!  So if you are interested in following me there.. I would love that!

Here are some pictures of my sweet lovie!  
She's 6 months old now - growing so fast!  
I fall more and more in love with her each passing day.  

 Isn't that the sweetest baby you've ever seen?!  I cannot get enough.

And for fun - here is my hubs and I in Las Vegas!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Addie Mae: 4 months old

Dear Addie Mae, I say this every day that passes - I cannot believe you are growing so fast!  You are already 4 months old and you act even older!  You are not content with being a "baby"!  We can tell that you want to be a big busy girl.  You look around like crazy and I think you are really taking it all in and trying to learn.  Slow down sweet girl - be a baby for me :)

You've had such a big month this month!!  Grandpa Jeff came to see you from Georgia and you guys had the best time!!  He found all sorts of new ways to make you laugh.  Aunt Kristin came to see you twice all the way from California!!!  She is my absolute favorite person and I know you will adore her too one day!  This month we moved from Grandma Jan's house and into our new house!!!  You've moved 3 times since you were born just 17 weeks ago - busy girl... BUSY mom.  You had several dinners out this month too - we are comfortable taking you anywhere now that we can quickly determine what you need.  I swear - Moms on Call has made our lives SO much better in that regard.  You have a schedule that you seem to like and we just plan our day around that - happy baby = happy family!  

Here are your stats this month:

Weight: 2 weeks ago you were 14 pounds 11 ounces!

Length: not sure

Sizes: You are still in size 2 diapers and I hope you stay there considering we just bought another 300 count box!  You are pretty much out of all 0-3 months clothes.  You wear 6 month footed sleep outfits. You could still get a lot of wear out of some of your things - but its cold out now!  Summer rompers just won't work any longer.  I've slowed down on buying clothes for you since you outgrow them so fast.

Milestones: You've learned so many new things this month!!!  You now hold toys - and I think you realize you are doing it!  You quickly put whatever you can into your mouth.  Laughing is something we work very hard to get you to do!  We've gotten several deep giggles out of you and I love hearing them!  You smile so much now and even smile at strangers!  I'm not sure if this is a positive milestone.. but you are one smart little girl!  You have learned that if you scream and squeal enough I will rush and pick you up.  That was sweet the first 6 times but now you demand it!  I've got to be careful not to spoil you Miss Mae!!

You finally sleep in your own crib and not the pack-n-play!  We are all moved into our new house and you've settled in pretty well!  You throw your legs all over and I'm always worried you will break one of your sweet bones!  So far we haven't had any issues.  Sometimes you bump your head and wake up super angry - you usually work that out on your own.

Eating: You are still eating the Nutramigen and it seems to be doing the job.  We had a few weeks of you throwing up after every meal and it was enough to fill a small cup.  Come to find out.. we were warming your formula (because you demanded it) and that was making you sick.  Now you enjoy room temperature formula and have adjusted pretty well.  You take between 4.5 -6 ounces 5 times a day.  You still eat at 7a/10:30a/1:30p/4:30p & 7:20p.
Dad & I were excited to let you try rice cereal last weekend!!  You..not so much!  You didn't exactly make pretty faces when I put the spoon in your mouth.  I haven't tried since - and I'm not sure when I will again.  I would like to wait until 5-5 1/2 months.. we'll see!

Schedule: We are still following the 8-16 week Moms on Call schedule.  We will move you up to the next schedule once you start eating solids.  We are still so so thankful that you sleep for us!  You go down for the night at 7:45p and I wake you at 7am. You still do really well sleeping but wake when you go #2.  I go in twice a night to change you and you hardly even know I'm there.

{ This rocker was given to you by Grandpa Don - it was 1st Aunt Kristin's chair - and then your dad's chair.  Now its all yours! }

Dislikes: You don't like being put down one bit!  Even laying you down to change your diaper gets you angry.  You love your cat mat - but get annoyed with it super quickly.  I don't even get 10 minutes out of it anymore.  Sometimes you get so upset with a toy that I have to take you outside for a little walk!  I hope you don't hold grudges like mom does - it isn't a good quality.  You HATE when the bottle is over.  No matter how many ounces I give you - every single time you cry when its all gone.  I hate that for you because I would love for you to feel full and happy after a meal.  We tried some new wipes last week and goodness! they did not agree with that little bottom of yours!  You got the worst rash and I felt awful!  Back to the pampers sensitive wipes!

Likes:  You still love bath time!  You smiled at me 3 times in the tub the other night - that is a first!!  You still love your cat mat in small doses.  Walks seem to make you really happy and you finally like your swing!!  I'm so thankful about this - it gives me a chance to do chores!

You still love the song your dad made up for you "Bumble Bee" and pretty much any other little jingle that he creates.  It is the sweetest!

{ You & Aunt Kristin }

Some items we couldn't live without: not much new from last month.. amazon.com... wine... Pampers Swaddlers.. Halo Sleep Sacks.. MAM pacifiers!!!!, a working washer & dryer!... burp cloths.. the swing.. my Britax stroller, it makes taking you out a breeze... tons of blankets to keep you warm on these colder days.

How I'm doing:  Wonderful!!!  I try to spend every second that I can with Addie - which I know may not be healthy.  I just really want to soak up every ounce of her and not miss a second.  I've been working with Brent 3 days a week and I bring her with me - so that has been a nice break from being home... and when I'm working I am not at Target buying stuff :)  Win Win!

We got all moved into our new house in Franklin - and I AM SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!  We love every single thing about it and can't quit saying how happy and blessed we are!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Addie Mae is 3 months!!

Addie Mae is 3 months old!!  I liked saying "10 weeks" or "___ weeks" - but now I think I have to use the term "months".  Sad.  I have a 3 month old baby!!!!

This month has been wonderful!  I think we are all finally figuring each other out and things are going great!

Here are your stats this month:

Weight: 13 pounds 11 ounces

Length: not sure.. long!  She wears 6-12 month socks!

Sizes: You are still in size 2 diapers - and hopefully you stay there for a bit.  I just bought a box of 248! You have grown out of all newborn and 0-3 month clothes!  Even some of your 6 month outfits are snug on you!  This all makes me super sad - I hate putting away your sweet little outfits! 
I'm super picky about what you wear.. imagine that.  I don't really like you in any really bright colors - pale pinks and whites are my favorites on you!  Which isn't shocking - I'm not crazy about color anyway - I would love to be but usually end up playing it safe with whites or greys!  BORING.

Milestones: You still love to search the room from the top of my shoulder and I can tell that you are really trying to learn as much as you can.  I swear that you laughed once the other day and I hope to hear more in the coming weeks!  

Eating: You are still on "liquid gold" Nutramigen formula.  You have 4 (5.5 oz) bottles during the day  and 1 (7 oz) bottle at bedtime.  You still spit up a lot - it really depends on the day.  We were doing the cereal up until last week.  We think you got a cold and were having a lot of liquid #2's.. so we were told to put you on Pedialite for 24 hours and no cereal.  I thought I would try the next few days with no cereal and so far you don't seem to miss it.  You have been going #2 way more so I'm wondering if that cereal didn't have you a little blocked?  Maybe giving you a stomach ache?  Who knows.
I'm SO ready to get you off of the Nutramigen!  It seems to be working for your reflux but I'm not sure that you need it any longer.  Maybe your little insides are ready for a regular kind of formula?  We are going to the doctor today to discuss your cold - so I plan to talk about trying a new formula.  Nutramigen is just SO SO SO expensive.  If you don't really need it.. I'd rather spend that money on dresses for you!
Schedule: We are still following the Moms on Call schedule.  You are now on the 8-16 week schedule and seem to be doing great.  We took the swaddle away about 2 weeks ago and so far its been going great!  You had a rough 2-4 nights but have since settled in.  We finally found a paci that you will take - and without it I'm not sure you could sleep without the swaddle.  I have to get up about 3 times a night to give you the paci but you are basically sleeping from 7:40p until 7:00a when I wake you.  I change you several times during the night since you got a horrible diaper rash this week.  It made me cry and I'm sure caused you some pain.  Now I check you all during the night and even manage to change you without you really waking up.  You have a bottle at 7a, 10:30a, 1:30p, 4:30p & 7:30p.  
Sleep: Doing SO good with sleep!  Naps are more work now that I don't swaddle you - but you seem to do pretty well with the naps that you do take.

Dislikes: This month we haven't had much that stands out as a true dislike..  You certainly don't like when bath time is over.  The second we pull you out of the tub you cry!  We rush as fast as we can to dry your head and get you in your nightgown but it is never fast enough!  Once I get the bottle in your mouth you seem to calm right down.  

Likes:  You still love bath time!  You haven't yet smiled in the bath - but you've never cried either.  You sit there and are SO calm!  It is one of our favorite times of the day!

You still love the song your dad made up for you "Bumble Bee".  You love a few toys and will stare at them for 20 - 30 minutes!

You still LOVE to look at Grandma Jan's fish pond.  If you are having any sort of meltdown I take you out there and you immediately calm down.  I'm not sure what we will do when we move and don't have the fish pond!

And, of course you are still obsessed with your cat mat.  I get about 30 minutes a day with you laying on it happy as can be!!  

Some items we couldn't live without:  amazon.com... wine... Pampers Swaddlers Blankets.. Halo Sleep Sacks.. MAM pacifiers!!!!, a working washer & dryer!... burp cloths.. the cat activity mat.. my Britax stroller, it makes taking you out a breeze!

How I'm doing:  SO good!!!  We found a house in Westhaven (a neighborhood in Franklin) and close the end of this month!!  I'm so excited to get Addie Mae back into her own room with all of her sweet belongings!  She's never slept in her crib - and I can't wait for that night!!!  Brent and I are doing so great as well!!  I feel like I have a ton of support as far as cleaning and getting bottles ready, etc.  It really helps!

This month my mom & dad came to visit and see Addie Mae.  We had such a great visit and they couldn't believe how much she'd grown in just 10 weeks!!!

Tomorrow we leave for Jacksonville to see Brent's grandfather!  He's 92 and Addie Mae is his first great-grand child!  I can't wait for him to meet her!

{ heading out to our last weekend house hunting!  We FINALLY found something and our offer was accepted!!  We close on a house in Westhaven the end of this month!!  I'm estatic!!! }

{ First Titans game of the season!!  
We didn't bring Addie Mae but we got her all dressed up for Brunch!  }

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy girl!!!

Hi friends!!!

Sweet Addie Mae is doing SO much better!!!

Last Friday I took her to the doctor because she had been screaming nonstop all week.  After a full exam my super sweet doctor told me to stop "trying to fix her" and that she was 100% healthy!!  She said I basically had a "fussy infant" and to let her cry a little.

Wow.. I mean - I think we all knew that was the case - but I guess it made me feel better to know she wasn't sick!
My doctor did give us the go ahead to start cereal in AM's bottle.  We started that last Saturday and *so far* since then we haven't had any major meltdowns!  I think she just never felt full and now the cereal is helping with that.  Hooray!!!  We also increased her refulx medicine dose since she's gained weight.

We've been super busy out looking for a new house!  Fingers crossed that we can decide on one this weekend!  We spent this entire week bidding on house that we 100% love - but was just a tad over what we wanted to spend.. we tried our best to get the builder to take what we wanted to pay - came close.. but not close enough!  Now on to the next.  There are 2 other houses that we really love - so hopefully we can pick one soon!

We've had a great week since baby girl has been feeling better!  First day in her swimsuit was SO much fun - ADORABLE!!!

Today was baby girl's 10 week shots!  All smiles before hand... afterwards.. NOT SO MUCH!!  
Baby girl SCREAMEDDDDDDD and screamed.

Bless her heart!!  She's finally sleeping now.. I feel so bad for her!

I cannot get enough of this sweet face!!!!  Never in my life would I have imagined I could love someone so much!  She is my entire world!!!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Addie Mae: 2 months!

Here are your stats this month:

Weight: 12.4 pounds

Length: last time we were at the doctor you were 22in.

Sizes: You've outgrown size 1 Pampers Swaddlers!  We are now in size 2 which are a little big - but I'd rather that than the size 1 thongs :)

Milestones: You look around like crazy!!  You love to be up on my shoulder and just search the world around you.  You give some smiles lately - at first I had to really work them out of you - but lately you seem to smile when you look at me all on your own!  You are still obsessed with your bright stuffed toys!  They distract you long enough for mom to brush her teeth!

Eating: You live to eat, really.  We were giving you 3.5 oz at each feeding and you cried and cried!!  Finally I asked the doctor and she basically told me I was starving you... now we give you 4.5 oz 7 times a day and you seem to be MUCH happier!!!  You are getting so big and I'm loving your sweet rolls!!  I always wanted a fat baby!!  You've got the rest of your life to worry about weight - let's just have fun for now!  We've still got you on Tagamet for your reflux issues.. it seemed to be working great along with the "liquid gold" Nutramigen - but the past 3 days you've not been interested in the bottle and have cried nonstop!  I'm hoping that you'll feel better soon and we won't have to switch medicines.

{we sold our house!! This is us before heading to our closing!!}

Schedule: We have been following the Moms on Call schedule and LOVE IT!  Your day begins at 6am with a bottle.  You stay awake for a little while and then go back down for a nap.  You eat again at 9a, noon, 3p.  You nap in-between with no longer than 2 hour nap.  Nightime begins at 6p with a bottle and a little nap.  Bathtime is at 8:30p with another bottle at 9 - then you are down for the night.  We would like you to sleep until 3a - but you usually only make it until 2-2:30a.  Then back up at 6a!  We have been so impressed with how well this schedule works!
Sometimes its a struggle to give you a bottle when we are out because I want to follow the suggested schedule to a T!!  So, I've had to leave a store before to give you your noon bottle RIGHT AT NOON!  I'm a freak - but it works for you!!

{this is your favorite position!  You love to look over dad's shoulder}

Sleep: You are so far doing great with sleeping!!  at 7 weeks we moved you into your own "room". So far it is going really really well!  I honestly think you sleep better in there!  I check your monitor every hour or so to make sure you are ok! Up until now you slept upright in your bouncy seat - now we have you sleeping on your back and you seem to love it.

Dislikes: you are grumpy most of the day.. either your reflux really really bothers you.. or you just like to be extra needy!! You dislike any moment of sitting still on your own.  You must be rocked, walked, bounced and shook every waking moment of your day. Either way - I'm just so happy to have you, I can deal with a little fuss pot!  My doctor advised against using the gas drops - but after talking with some friends I decided to use them anyway.  So far they seem to take the edge off your moods.  You 100% hate your swing.. how is that possible?!

{you love bath time .. we think!  You don't cry so we guess you like it!  You just sit there like a little happy frog!}

Likes:  You love bath time!!  Dad and I do it together each night and so far you seem to really enjoy it.  Dad does your hair and he loves feeling like he got it all nice and clean!!  You like any bright colored toys, being swaddled, and looking around outside.  You love to sit up on our shoulder so you can see whats going on around you.  You also LOVE mom!!  I shamelessly love how I can tell that your entire mood changes when you see me!  Sometimes you'll be in the middle of a huge meltdown and out of nowhere smile at me.  I tear up every single time.

Some items we couldn't live without:  SwaddleMe swaddle blankets, Born Free bottles, Nutramigen, Adult Sound Machine, 4Moms Bathtub, Moms on Call book, AMAZON... your dad and I make an order just about every day, Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, WHITE WINE.

{you and I in the car about to have a bottle!}

How I'm doing:  Depends on the day... today has been really really tough.  Sweet baby has cried every second that she's been awake.  But - most days I'm doing good!  The brat in me is sad that we don't have our own house right now.. that Addie Mae has to sleep in a closet and that I can't ever seem to get in a good solid routine because I'm always out running around looking for houses.  I try hard to see the positives and that this isn't forever - but we haven't found a house yet and since we are looking at new construction.. it could be months before one is ready to move in.  I feel like me being anxious and feeling super displaced is taking away from my joy with Addie Mae.  

I need to just put a smile on and enjoy every second!

 I 100% LIVE for this sweet baby girl!! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moving day!

Moving day!!!

Well, packing day!  I've spent my week trying to get the house ready for our move tomorrow.  Trying to move with a newborn has been a mess!  It would be a little easier if we were moving everything to one location - but since we've yet to find a new house - we are moving half to storage and half to Brent's moms house..  She has an over the garage apartment that we will stay in until we buy another house.

We feel like we rushed in picking this one and want to take our time on the next house!  But not too much time!  I love my inlaws.. but being roommates will be stressful at times, I'm sure.

I'm really sad about moving!  I LOVE this house - I have since the first day I saw it!  I'll miss the location and being so close to certain things.. but I know I'll love our new location even more as we plan to move to Franklin which has our staples.. Costco, Chuy's.. etc!

More than anything it makes me sad that I spent so much time on Addie Mae's room, just to pack it all up.  She won't have a room at the apartment :(  I'm still bringing my glider and her crib - but it makes me sad that she'll spent 3-5 months without having her own space.

I need to suck it up!  In the long run this will be better for us and its what we've talked about for months and months.  

Say a prayer for me today!  This has been HELL so far this week and I hope today goes smoothly!  
Addie Mae must be going through that 6 weeks growth spurt because she has been ULTRA fussy, hungry, and wants to be held for most of the day.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

1 month old!!!

Our sweet baby girl is ONE month old!!

This seemed like the longest and shortest month all at the same time!  We've had such a great time getting to know Addie Mae!

She had her first holiday and mall trip all in one!  Our 4th of July was much different than the previous years - we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then one really quick lap around the mall - little miss was getting fussy!

We *think* we have figured out her tummy issues.. she's now on Nutramigen formula (which cost more per month an all of our utilities combined.. awesome) & a reflux medicine.  So far so good with the combo and we have a much happier baby girl!  She still throws up SO much - but she could just be a happy spitter?  It doesn't seem to bother her.  I'll be glad when her insides figure out what to do with the food and she can keep an entire meal down!  .. I'll be doing much less laundry then.

We started the Moms on Call program and have had 3 out of 4 nights of really good sleep!  Almost 6 hour stretches make me a super happy mommy!  She seems to like the schedule as she isn't as fussy - but that could be from the formula!  We do bath time every night at 8:30 and dinner at 9 and then right to bed - the routine has really helped me plan out my nights too!

She weighed 9 3/4 pounds when I took her to the doctor on Monday - little chunker!!!

She smiled a few times when I was holding her earlier this week.. but I don't think she meant to or knows that she did!  It hasn't happened since - but I hope it does soon!  She had the sweetest smile!

I'm reading about the 6 week growth spurt - she's in her 6th week now... gah I hope it isn't awful!  I'm just now getting used to her being a happy baby!!!

.. & we have 6 week shots on Friday..  mercy!

Addie Mae enjoys her swing (for short amounts of time).. her pacifier!... the songs that daddy makes up for her.. and snuggle time on the couch!

& a weight update!  I gained 33 lbs while pregnant - I've got 10 more to go!  I feel like I've been at at the 10 lb mark for 2 weeks now!  I haven't done one single thing work out wise.. hopefully soon I can get in the gym!  Or.. get baby girl out for a jog!  I would love to be about 5-10 lbs below my pre-baby weight.. we'll see.

Thank you all SO SO much for the sweet comments on my last post!!!!  You made me feel so much better!!!

We LOVE the face that Addie Mae is making below!  She does her little lips like a fish!  She just to make it so many times a day - now we hardly ever see her do it.

Her 1st day at dad's warehouse!  She did great and I was able to get some work done too!