Hello there!
I've never actually written an "About Me" before - so I'm sure this one won't be very good! Just skip over it!

I'm a 27 year old girl from Savannah, Georgia. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee when I was 20 and didn't exactly know what I was doing here! My sister was kind enough to let me live with her for a year while I tried to see if Nashville was where I wanted to be. I enrolled in college as well as finished getting my Georgia Real Estate License. I decided that college wasn't my thing - as I was paying 100% on my own - and racking up major debt to do so. I got my GA Real Estate License and then worked on getting my Tennessee License. I spent a few years working in the Apartment industry - while working at bars and restaurants on the side.

In 2007 a dear friend insisted that I go on a blind date with a guy he knew.. I said no a few times and then decided that I didn't have anything to lose. I had just gotten out of a 2yr relationship and needed a change! That date changed my life! From the second I met Brent I knew that I would marry him! We never spent a single day apart since we met and I've never been happier! We got engaged in May 2009 and married on May 8, 2010!

Pretty soon thereafter we started trying to have a baby - we both have always known that we wanted a family and didn't see a huge reason to wait! Finally, this October we found out that we are expecting a sweet baby June 12, 2012!!! I couldn't be more excited and Brent has been a complete saint!

I'll add more to this little About Me section another day! Thanks for reading!!!

xoxo, T